Tetoranze Makuhari Inagekaigan Hotel

The nearest train station is Inagekaigan Station on the Keiyo Line, a 2-minute walk away.
A conveniently located hotel, just 5 minutes and 2 stops by JR to Makuhari Messe,
and only 22 minutes from Maihama Theme Park.


A great choice as a base for sightseeing and business.

Makuhari Messe

Makuhari Messe

Excellent access to Makuhari Messe’s nearest station, Kaihimmakuhari Station, which is only 5 minutes and 2 stops away by JR!

Many exhibitions, international conferences, and live events, etc. are held there.

Maihama Theme Park

Maihama Theme Park

Only 22 minutes by train with no transfers to Maihama Theme Park’s nearest station, Maihama Station!

This theme park features a variety of attractions and popular characters.

  • Inage Seaside Par

    Inage Seaside Park

    <About a 20-minute walk from the hotel, about 15 minutes by bus from Inagekaigan Station>

  • Sanyo Media Flower Museum

    Sanyo Media Flower Museum

    <About a 25-minute walk from the hotel>

  • Inagesengen Shrine

    Inagesengen Shrine

    <About a 20-minute walk from the hotel>

  • ZOZO Marine Stadium

    ZOZO Marine Stadium

    <About 20 minutes by train and on foot from the hotel>

  • AEON Mall Makuhari Shintoshin

    AEON Mall Makuhari Shintoshin

    <About 30 minutes by train and on foot from the hotel>

  • Makuhari Seaside Park

    Makuhari Seaside Park

    <About 10 minutes by train and on foot from the hotel>

  • Fukuda Denshi Arena

    Fukuda Denshi Arena

    <About 20 minutes by train and on foot from the hotel>

  • Port of Chiba Tour Cruise

    Port of Chiba Tour Cruise

    <About 15 minutes by train and on foot from the hotel>

  • Chiba Port Park

    Chiba Port Park

    <About 20 minutes by train and on foot from the hotel>

  • Aqua Rink Chiba

    Aqua Rink Chiba

    <About 15 minutes by bus from Inagekaigan Station>

  • LaLaport TOKYO-BAY

    LaLaport TOKYO-BAY

    <About 20 minutes by train and on foot from the hotel>

  • Chiba Zoological Park

    Chiba Zoological Park

    <About 30 minutes by train from the hotel>

  • Boso Flower Line

    Boso Flower Line

    <About 2 hours by car from the hotel>

  • Kamogawa Sea World

    Kamogawa Sea World

    <About 90 minutes by car from the hotel>

  • Yoro-keikoku Valley

    Yoro-keikoku Valley

    <About 90 minutes by car from the hotel>

  • Tokyo German Village

    Tokyo German Village

    <About 2 hours by car from the hotel>


Entrance to the city center. A 2-minute walk from JR Keiyo Line Inagekaigan Station,

the station nearest to business and leisure attractions.
35 minutes from Tokyo Station by express train, 2 stops and 5 minutes from Kaihimmakuhari Station at Makuhari Messe, and 22 minutes from Maihama Station at Maihama Theme Park.
Easy access to the JR Keiyo Line without changing trains.
Airport Limousine Bus service to Haneda and Narita airports is available at the bus terminal in front of Inagekaigan Station.


Route to Tetoranze Makuhari Inagekaigan Hotel from JR Keiyo Line Inagekaigan Station

  • 1

    Exit from the JR Keiyo Line Inagekaigan Station ticket gate, turn left, and go out from the south exit.

  • 2

    With AEON Marinpia in front of you, proceed to the left and head parallel to the street toward the police box.

  • 3

    When you see the police box on your left, turn right and go straight.

  • 4

    With AEON Marinpia on your right, follow the street.

  • 5

    Take the crosswalk though the intersection and go straight for a while.

  • 6

    Tetoranze Makuhari Inagekaigan Hotel will be on your right.

Directions to nearby shops

The hotel is in a very convenient location, with a large shopping center, convenience stores, and restaurants all within a 5-minute walk.

AEON Marinpia (large shopping center, complete Wi-Fi throughout, tax-free counter)
Marinpia specialty stores (100 yen shop, Shimamura, massage, etc.)
Oranda-ya (local Chiba confectionery)
Karaoke Arthur

Access by train

Tokyo Station

Inagekaigan Station

JR Keiyo Line Express (about 35 minutes)

Walk (about 2 minutes)

Tetoranze Makuhari Inagekaigan Hotel

Access by car

To Tokyo

To Narita

Shibaura JCT

Ariake JCT

Shinonome IC

Tatsumi JCT

Kasai JCT

Koya JCT

Wangan-Narashino IC


Edobashi JCT

Hakozaki JCT

Ryogoku JCT

Keiyo JCT

Makuhari IC

Narita JCT

Miyanogi JCT

Anagawa IC

Rainbow Bridge(3.4km)

Bayshore Route(1.2km)

Bayshore Route(1.3km)

Bayshore Route(3.8km)

Bayshore Route(11.1km)

Bayshore Route(8.3km)

Route 357 and Route 14(7.7km)

Inner Circular Route(352m)

Shuto Expressway No. 6 Mukojima Route(913m)

Shuto Expressway No. 6 Mukojima Route(1.7km)

Shuto Expressway No. 7 Komatsugawa Route(12.5km)

Keiyo Road(11.4km)

Route 14(7.1km)

Higashi-Kanto Expressway(26.9km)

Higashi-Kanto Expressway(3.4km)

Keiyo Road(244m)
Route 16(2.6km)
General roads(2.0km)

Tetoranze Makuhari Inagekaigan Hotel

Directions from the nearest IC

Exit at Wangan-Narashino IC, head toward Route 357, and merge onto Route 14 toward Chiba. Turn right at the Inagesengenjinjamae intersection and proceed toward Inagekaigan Station.


[Paid] Telephone reservation system (outdoor parking lot)
*The parking lot shown in the image has a capacity of only three cars; some larger cars may not fit.
* Motorcycle and bicycle lots are free but uncovered.
*If you cannot reserve parking because the lot is full, you can use nearby paid parking lots.


Access by plane

Haneda Airport

Narita Airport

Inagekaigan Station

Inage Station

Airport Limousine Bus (about 72 minutes)

Walk (about 2 minutes)

Airport Limousine Bus (about 62 minutes)

JR Narita Line Express (about 50 minutes)

Taxi or bus (about 5 minutes)

Tetoranze Makuhari Inagekaigan Hotel



The breakfast menu provides a good balance between Western and Japanese dishes. It gives you a good start to your day.
Enjoy rich and varied lunch and dinner menus in a relaxed atmosphere.

■ Hours: 7:00 to 22:00

  • Breakfast

    We offer Japanese and Western breakfast meals that you can choose to fit the mood of the day

  • Lunch & Cafe

    The special lunch includes salad and drink bars

  • Dinner

    Our authentic Italian dinner features everything from appetizers to pasta, pizza, and dessert.



Take your time and relax in our calm and highly functional spaces.

The guestrooms are perfect for both sightseeing and business, and include single occupancy rooms for business, double occupancy rooms recommended for couples, and triple occupancy rooms for families.

  • Wi-Fi connectivity in all rooms

    We support your business efforts by providing Wi-Fi and wired LAN in every room.

  • Perfect for family and group travel

    Triple occupancy rooms can accommodate up to three people, while Japanese/Western rooms can accommodate up to four people.

  • Free amenities women will love

    Face cream, moisturizer, and cleansing cream are available for free at the front desk.

  • Deep groundwater from 100 meters underground

    The water used at the hotel is natural deep groundwater taken from 100 meters below the surface.


Check-in: 15:00, Check-out: 11:00
Guestroom equipmentFree Wi-Fi, air conditioning, baths, toilet (washlet), refrigerator, terrestrial digital broadcast TV, paid broadcasting, dryer, tea server
Guestroom amenitiesBath and waist towels, nightgowns, shampoo, conditioner, body soap, hand soap, toothbrushes (w/toothpaste), razors, cotton, comb, face cream & moisturizer, cleansing soap, slippers
*Some amenities are only available upon request at the front desk.
Items you can borrow at the front deskPhone charger, steam humidifier, air cleaner, trouser press, deodorant spray, desk lamp, iron, umbrella, blankets and pillows, extension cord, nail clippers, medical thermometer, wine opener, Chiba guide books, children’s pajamas, toys (dolls, blocks, coloring sets)
Number of guest rooms87 (2F to 9F)
Facilities & EquipmentRestaurant, coin-operated laundry, vending machines, ice machines, parking
Restaurant hoursBreakfast: 7:00 to last order at 9:30
Lunch: 11:00 to last order at 15:00 (closes at 15:30)
Dinner: 18:00 to last order at 21:00 (closes at 22:00)
*Closed for dinner on Wednesdays.